MTM- Medication Therapy Management

Medication Therapy Management (MTM) refers to the type of treatment done by optimizing the use of medications. These are very useful to patients at home and in hospital confinements who wish to get back to their normal independent living in the soonest time possible. Along with other rehabilitative exercise and therapy services, patients are aided to their recovery and well being in no time.

To begin with, MTM initiates with an evaluation of the patients’ current skills and needs. A professional pharmacist, together with another healthcare providers and the patients’ physicians, will coordinate and work alongside to create the most fitting medication therapy plan and other pertinent designs necessary for the success of the patients’ well being.

After the plan is reviewed, modified, and approved, it will be implemented in the day to day setting in the context of the patients’ placement. Patients and/or their loved ones are encouraged to take part in motoring the implementation of services, report changes, and suggest modifications based on their preferences. Based on the patients’ responses to the medications, services will be continued and/or modified accordingly.

At the conclusion of the term of care, we will re-evaluate the effectiveness of the plan and recommend further services to maintain and better the patients’ health condition.

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