Compounding is considered as the very heart of pharmacy existence. Before drugs were commercialized and produced in huge numbers, pharmacists provide the expertise in handling and customizing medications to fit a specific prescription. Unfortunately, not all pharmacies today still perform the craft.

Get your compounding needs from Loving Care Pharmacy. We provide cost-effective compounding services for a wide variety of purposes. To be further guided and informed about compounding and the benefits you can get from it, click on the following topics below.

What is Compounding?
Alternative Medication Forms
Anti-Aging / Cosmeceutical Compounding
Benefits of Compounding
Compounding Answers
Compounding for Veterinary Patients
Compounding Info for Prescribers
Flavor Compounding
Hospice Compounding
Men’s Health Compounding
Hormone Therapy for Men/ Women
Pain Management
Pet Compounding
Dental Compounding
Dermatology Compounding
Pediatric Compounding
Sports Medicine Compounding
Many Others

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